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Copyright and Ownership

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The Vaccine Safety Net website and materials, and your use thereof

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VSN members are welcome to translate the information and materials into their national language with the prior express permission from the WHO.



WHO does not warrant that the information contained on the VSN website, any related materials, or any VSN participating entity’s website or materials, is complete, correct, current, and/or appropriate for your use.  Your use of such materials is at your own risk, and WHO shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of its use.

WHO reserves the right to suspend, amend, alter, cancel, or terminate the VSN website and any related materials at its sole discretion without notice.


Links to outside materials

Please note that links to non-WHO websites, including links to the VSN members, are for information only and do not constitute endorsement, expressed or implied, by WHO. These websites are not managed by WHO.

WHO does not control or take responsibility for the content on these sites although we believe the sites provide credible information. If you would like to discuss content on any of these websites please contact us at


Links to the VSN website

Any external website may provide a hyperlink to the VSN website or to any of its pages without requesting permission. However this use must not infringe WHO’s intellectual property rights, in particular relating to its name, emblem, copyright or authors’ rights. The VSN visual identity and WHO emblems may NOT be used in providing a link.

WHO’s regulations, accepted by all WHO Member States, expressly prohibit the Organization from endorsing specific organizations, products or services. Therefore a link to the WHO website must be used for information only, and not for the promotion of any organization, product or service. A link to the WHO website does not, and should not, imply any association between WHO and the owner of the linking site.


Use of the WHO and VSN names and visual identities

VSN members can use VSN visual identity and banners solely with the prior express permission from WHO, and under the specific Guidelines for the Use of the VSN Visual Identity. For more information please contact us at

No use of the WHO name or emblem is permitted, other than as expressly provided herein.


Use of personal information

VSN does not collect, use, or share personal data (such as email addresses) of the website visitors, without the user's specific affirmative consent.


Images and artwork on the Portal

Unless expressly stated with copyrights and photo credits, all images and artwork used on the portal are either VSN's own, obtained directly from the author with the usage approval, or from open sources with the Creative Commons license.