Vaccine Confidence Project

Page last updated: 16 May 2023

Description of the website

The website of the Vaccine Confidence Project™ (VCP™) serves as a collection of resources from around the world that can be used to gain further information about vaccines and their recommended usage. The VCP™ post and link to relevant literature as well as latest news on vaccine confidence.

The VCP™ Team is an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers with expertise in anthropology, digital analytics, epidemiology, policy, psychology and more. The VCP™ conducts research all around the world on a range of vaccines and in regards to perceptions of vaccine safety and confidence. Information about current and past projects can be found on the website.

Vaccine safety resources include research, reports, articles, blogs and videos.

Website’s sponsorship policy

The Vaccine Confidence Project™ works with partners and funders from around the world to conduct cross-disciplinary research on global levels of vaccine confidence. Funders have no role in study design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, or writing of studies conducted by the VCP™.

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Website’s content or editorial policy

The Vaccine Confidence Project™ website content is curated and posted by the Vaccine Confidence Project™ team. Literature and news articles are reviewed by the team before being updated onto the website. Original written content is noted where applicable (