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Page last updated: 29 June 2020

Description of the website

The vaccination part of the website of the National Institute for Health and Welfare is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

The website provides information on vaccines, vaccinations, vaccine safety and vaccine research conducted by THL. As for vaccine safety, the website contains information on general adverse reactions as well as adverse reactions associated with each vaccine in the National Vaccination Programme. Benefits of vaccinations are also covered as well as myths and facts related to vaccinations. The formats include web articles, videos, ppt slides, Q & A sections and fact sheets.

The Vaccination website provides information about Finland’s national vaccination programme and its monitoring and research for international experts and scientists. For foreigners resident in Finland, the website provides basic information about the national vaccination programme.

Website's sponsorship policy

The website is maintained by National Institute for Health and Welfare. We do not have – or accept - sponsors.

Website's content or editorial policy

The content of the website has been developed by national experts of infectious diseases and vaccinations, vaccination program managers, vaccination safety officers and communications specialist. The website is continuously monitored and updated by these experts.