Public Health Institute of Chile (ISP) / Vaccine Pharmacovigilance

Page last updated: 17 September 2021

Description of the website

The website of Public Health Institute of Chile (ISP) / Vaccine Pharmacovigilance is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

The ISP website provides credible and validated information about vaccine safety. Here you can find educational material for both health professionals and for the general population, which will help increase your knowledge about the benefits and safety aspects of vaccines.

In this site you can also find a section with frequently asked questions about vaccines, and free access to vaccine pharmacovigilance bulletin, whith articles about the benefits and the safety of vaccines.

The information available in this site is reviewed and updated by the Vaccine Pharmacovigilance unit of the ISP, which is the National Regulatory Authority of Chile.

Website's sponsorship policy

The government of Chile allocated the economic resources with which the ISP finances the activities and the ISP website, you can find more information in

Website's content or editorial policy

The selection of the content published on this website is charge of the professionals of the Vaccine Pharmacovigilance are of the ANAMED Department, of the Institute of Public Health of Chile. They work according to the code of ethics of the institution. More information can be found in: