Paediatric Association of Nigeria (PAN)

Page last updated: 25 September 2020

Description of the website

The website of the Paediatric Association of Nigeria, Immunization section, is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

PAN website is the official website of the Paediatric Association of Nigeria (PAN) and it is open to PAN members, associate members and the general public. It offers information concerning immunization, and review articles and the public is welcome to make comments. The articles about immunization are valid, and up to date and prepared by paediatricians who are experts in their fields. There are scientific articles, posters, charts and tables that offer the immunization schedules for Nigeria as proposed by the Federal Ministry of Health and PAN.

Website’s sponsorship policy

The website is sponsored by annual dues paid by members of PAN with no external sponsorship presently.

Website’s content or editorial policy

The PAN website contains information about PAN activities, meetings, conferences, members profiles, news and updates, collaborations and messages from various organizations. This information is only added after the communication sub-committee has reviewed them and deemed them fit to be uploaded. These contents are reviewed intermittently to ensure relevance and validity. The members of the communication sub-committee are drawn from PAN and some technical staff. For more information please go at