Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters

Page last updated: 07 February 2023

Geographical location of website owner

Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

Type of organization

Non-funded Grassroots community group

Description of the website

We are a community based, unfunded group who wish to improve vaccination uptake in our region, which has the lowest vaccination rates in Australia, at just 47% of 5 year olds being fully vaccinated.

Our website is written for the layperson wishing to learn more about vaccine safety but also useful for GPs are other health care professionals who wish to direct their patients to a comprehensive, user friendly source of information.

We provide evidence based information on the diseases vaccines are designed to protect against; we address the common myths and misinformation surrounding vaccines via a ‘FAQ’ page; we provide tools for the layperson to be able to determine what is credible, science based information; we have flyers and posters for download; and we provide links to credible studies and vaccination experts like the WHO, and NCIRS here in Australia.

Website’s sponsorship policy

Unfunded and do not have any sponsors. The website has been self-funded.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Our website contains both personal stories and information about our members, and up to date referenced scientific material regarding vaccines, vaccine preventable diseases and vaccine safety. It is put together by an intensive care specialist after careful review of the available scientific literature.

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