Page last updated: 08 December 2021

Description of the website

The website of is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN). (and its related general public-sites and is an information platform, providing communication and expertise on vaccines and travel. The information appearing in is updated as new recommendations are published. proposes an expert system able to determine the recommended vaccines for a person according to its individual characteristics (age, sex, pregnancy, state of health, conditions of life and work, entourage, travels) and vaccines that the person has already received (nature of these vaccines, intervals between doses, age of administration of the doses).

This expert system is integrated into an Electronic Vaccination Record (EVR) shared between the citizen and the health professional(s) of his choice. The EVR personalizes information targeting the general public, increasing the impact of this information, and provides decision support to health professionals. It produces evidence at the local, regional or national levels whose analyses is exclusively reserved for health authorities, improves the evaluation of the risk-benefit ratio of vaccination and of the vaccination policy.

Website’s sponsorship policy does not receive advertising revenue and receives no funding from pharmaceutical companies. Funding comes from government organizations (ARS Aquitaine, INPES, doctors 'or pharmacists' unions, ECDC) and subscriptions from health professionals.

Website’s content or editorial policy

The informational content of the website is validated by an Editorial Committee whose composition can be consulted here: