Page last updated: 20 June 2023

Description of the website

The social-promotion association IoVaccino was founded by a group of voluntary parents and doctors whose primary interest was to help other parents to find correct and EBM information on vaccines. Our mission is to contrast misinformation actively and to spread EBM information about vaccines through social media channels and web by developing consistent relationships with parents and citizens.

IoVaccino offers guides and information about preventable diseases and vaccines; IoVaccino publishes, after a review of the scientific board, specific tools on the main parents’ worries and hoaxes on the web. The Facebook page is particularly active: IoVaccino publishes at least 2 posts per day, mainly regarding news about vaccines, press reviews from the most important newspapers, divulgating campaigns and scientific articles.

IoVaccino has a multi-strategic approach to the communication towards citizens, offering to the public technical posts but also surveys, humoristic memes, tests and a private instant messaging service. Our effort on the social channels is completed with an active Twitter profile, a Pinterest board and a YouTube channel. Moreover IoVaccino promotes advocacy activities as a member of TeamVaxItalia through the Italian Charter for Vaccines Promotion.

Website’s sponsorship policy

As a social-promotion association, the funding for IoVaccino are provided by donations by volunteers and ordinary affiliation. IoVaccino is registered at the national Business Register and therefore can access to public contests and announcements.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Information on the website is independently developed, published and updated on a regular basis by staff from IoVaccino. There is a scientific board which is in charge of reviewing the website and facebook page content, according to their expertise.

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