Immunize Colorado

Page last updated: 23 December 2022

Description of the website

The website of Immunize Colorado is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

The Immunize Colorado website,, serves to inform coalition and community members with information pertaining to the organization, such as the organization’s mission, program areas, history, core values, funding, and organizational structure; the website also provides ways that community members can get involved with Immunize Colorado.

The website’s other primary function is to be a resource hub for its coalition and community members. As such, the Immunize Colorado website includes relevant information for Colorado health professionals, such as upcoming educational events, the latest vaccine recommendations and research, public policy efforts, and a storefront where healthcare professionals can order materials for patients and office staff. The Immunize Colorado website also helps to connect parents and community members to family-friendly educational resources, including recent vaccine news, information on how to access free and low-cost vaccines, upcoming community outreach events, and information on how to view immunization and exemption rate data for schools and child care facilities across Colorado.

Additionally, the website provides links to Immunize Colorado’s popular parent campaign websites,,, and the blog, all of which serve to address parents’ concerns about vaccinating their children by offering science-based information on topics such as vaccine safety, vaccine ingredients, common vaccine misinformation, how vaccines work, and more.

Immunize Colorado’s website also includes a robust resource library where parents, healthcare professionals, advocates, and school and child care personnel can access reports on immunization coverage for communities across Colorado, immunization fact sheets for legislators and school administrators, videos on vaccine administration and safety, Immunize Colorado’s monthly newsletters, legislative and policy update documents, and other educational materials that highlight changes or updates to immunization policy, guidelines, or status in Colorado.

Website’s sponsorship policy

As an independent nonprofit organization, Immunize Colorado receives financial support from a variety of sources, including individual and corporate donors, private foundations, and government grants. A current list of funders and their support levels can be found here.

Apart from the Team Vaccine blog (, which is hosted on a free WordPress platform, Immunize Colorado’s websites do not feature any paid advertising content. Advertisements which may appear on the Team Vaccine blog are placed and monitored by WordPress; Immunize Colorado does not in any way benefit from these advertisements.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Immunize Colorado is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals, parents and the general public, and members of the media with reliable, timely and scientifically-based immunization information. Immunize Colorado’s website is maintained daily by Immunize Colorado staff. Content is regularly added, reviewed and updated. The date of last review can be found in the website footer.

Content pertaining to immunization recommendations, research, or policies will be reviewed for accuracy by Immunize Colorado-affiliated immunization experts, including members of the Board of Directors and Coalition.