Health Feedback

Page last updated: 08 September 2023

Description of the website

Health Feedback verifies scientific claims in the media by soliciting evidence-based reviews from subject matter experts who provide credible references to recently published scientific literature that supports their analyses. A large number of our articles focus on correcting misinformation about vaccine safety contained in news coverage or content disseminated via social media platforms.

Website's sponsorship policy

Science Feedback, the parent organization of Health Feedback, is a signatory of the International Fact Checking Network, which requires a commitment to transparency of funding. Our partners, funders, and donors have no influence over Health Feedback’s fact-checking conclusions and are publicly listed here:

Health Feedback has also developed a set of “Community Standards” that state, in part, “Science Feedback ensures that our staff are not directly involved in political parties or advocacy organizations that could bias their neutrality and undermine their commitment to scientific accuracy.”

Website’s content or editorial policy

Editors select science-related claims for fact-checking from viral online content that is of interest to the public. Editors call on scientists with relevant expertise to use scientific reasoning to assess the credibility of the claims based on the most current published research. Editors then write and publish reviews that summarize the scientists’ evaluations and determine a rating which reflects the overall scientific credibility of a claim. Our fact-checking workflow is publicly available and described in detail here:

The expertise and credentials of our editorial team can be found here: