Confianza en Las Vacunas Latinoamérica

Page last updated: 17 August 2021

Description of the website

The website of ConfíaLa is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).

The ConfíaLa website is the result of a strategic partnership between the Brazilian Society of Immunisation (SBIm), ISALUD University and the Argentinean Society of Vaccinology and Epidemiology (SAVE), which lead a working group in the Latin American region with the main objective of strengthening the confidence of the population and the health team in vaccines, and thus contribute to access to vaccines, minimising missed opportunities and improving vaccination coverage at all stages of life, through innovative and high-impact tools within the framework of a comprehensive Health Communication Plan.
On the website, visitors can find information on the LA vaccination scene, communication experiences, scientific articles and vaccination schedules of the working group's member countries. They can also understand how vaccines are developed and how they work, learn about precautions to ensure the safety of immunobiologicals, and learn about myths and truths. The website also offers an exclusive section on COVID-19 and vaccines indicated for prevention.

Website’s sponsorship policy

The Confianza en las Vacunas Latinoamérica project, of which the site is a part, is supported by GSK, Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer, Takeda and Seqirus, in accordance with compliance regulations, for holding working group meetings, seminars and campaigns educational activities. Support labs are not involved in the definition, development or review of website content or any event or strategy.

Website’s content or editorial policy

The information available on this website is based on studies developed by prestigious institutions from participating countries and other nationalities. Due to the rapid evolution of knowledge on immunisation, the content is periodically reviewed and updated as necessary. All publications, including those of third parties, are checked, reviewed and approved by the editorial board, represented by the coordination team.