The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO)

Page last updated: 17 August 2021

Description of the website

CoMO shares important information about meningitis on our website, including scientifically verified information about the signs and symptoms, prevention, treatment, and support and aftercare. Our page on prevention details what vaccines are available to prevent meningitis and includes a Q&A section that discusses vaccine safety. World Meningitis Day campaign pages have links to various publically available Toolkit resources that include infographics on vaccines.

Website’s sponsorship policy

The CoMO website and its contents have been developed independently of our sponsors, with the exception of our blog on Vaccine Hesitancy, which was commissioned by the Emily's Dash Foundation, a meningitis charity based in USA. This statement and a list of all sponsors are included on our Sponsors and Funders webpage.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Website content is selected and written by CoMO's Head Office Team. As part of the editorial process, CoMO's Scientific Advisory Group are consulted if content is of a medical or scientific nature. This statement and a list of items on our website that have been medically reviewed can be found here.