China National Immunization Programme

Page last updated: 14 October 2022

Geographical location of website owner

Beijing, China

Type of organization

Governmental and academic organization

Description of the website

China National Immunization Programme is a government and academic organization. Its’ overall goal is to contribute to the control/elimination/eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases in China by raising awareness about the benefits of immunization and promoting the understanding and use of vaccines.

China National Immunization Programme website provides the general public and health professionals access to information regarding the benefits of immunization as well as promotional materials which are downloadable at no charge.

Resources on the website are organized by immunization themes: vaccine prevention diseases and vaccines, immunization practices and vaccine safety. The website includes fact sheets, multimedia (video, posters), interactive aid on Chinese vaccination schedule, training/educational materials, related regulatory documents on vaccines and immunization, frequently asked questions and answers on immunization, general information on vaccine safety, links to external organizations and news items. The website also provides a detailed description of NIP office in China, including main task, structure, research topics and expert groups.

Website’s sponsorship policy

As a government and academic organization, the funding for China National Immunization Programme website is provided by Chinese center for disease control and prevention.

Website’s content or editorial policy

Information on the website is independently developed, published and updated on a regular basis by staff from the technical divisions of China National Immunization Programme. There is an expert committee in China National Immunization Programme which is in charge of reviewing the website content, according to their expertise.