Page last updated: 02 October 2022

Description of the website

At “” the visitors can find general recommendations for vaccines that they are reliable and have proven to be safe for over a century of time. We have scientific articles for each vaccine preventable diseases that highlights the prevention. We have fact sheets for vaccine safety and EPI local regulations. We have videos from vaccine experts and scientific sessions from vaccine symposiums discussing vaccine promotions, vaccine hesitancy and vaccine safety that are beneficial for health professionals and community.

Website’s sponsorship policy

“” is created by Vaccine Working Group members from Association of Family Medicine Istanbul (ISTAHED). Our website has no sponsor and does not accept any sponsorships from any commercial institution

Website’s content or editorial policy

“” is intended to give clear scientific information about vaccines, promoting vaccine acceptance, fighting with vaccine hesitancy and demonstrating vaccine safety for both health professionals and public utilization. Our website includes only proven scientific articles and materials from official health authorities and do not include any commercial message that may influence the content. The editorial and review process is totally conducted by vaccine experts who have no conflict of interest with any third commercial organization.