Content quality and quantity - mandatory

7.0           Website has at least five vaccine safety-related information items (e.g. articles, vaccine safety profiles, videos)

7.1           Website provides clear statement of source for scientific, medical and health information, including author’s name, affiliations and any potential conflicts of interest related to content

7.2           Date when page was last reviewed or updated is clearly indicated; at a minimum, the year when the website was last reviewed or updated is mentioned in the homepage footer. Content is updated as new information becomes available

7.3           Website includes statement of procedure used for selection of site content, including guarantee of independence of editorial process, names and affiliations of people on the editorial board, and any review processes

7.4           Writing style is professional, with correct grammar, spelling and composition. Language is clear, easy to read, and adapted to literacy levels of website audience

7.5           Website promotes good immunization practices. Benefits and risks of vaccines are explained transparently, and any uncertainties are acknowledged

7.6           Most materials are available for use in the public domain, with only limited copyrighted content (e.g. materials that require purchase). Information on legality of further use or distribution of is clearly indicated

Content quality and quantity - desired

7.7           Website has three or more pages containing vaccine safety-related information in text format